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Used Scanning Electron Microscope for Sale

 Zeiss EVO 40
Thermo EDS and WDS
UltraDry SDD EDX detector
Six Crystal MAXray parallel Beam Spectrometer

Used SEM with EDS and WDS Zeiss EVO40 Thermo EDX and WDX spectrometers

The EVO®40 represents the latest developments in SEM technology with a superbly accurate and repeatable fully 5 Axis motorised stage. It has the high resolution Optibeam multi mode column and can run an W or Lab6 emitter.The sharp conical objective lens enables superior imaging solutions for a wide range of applications.The EVO is fitted with an Thermo UltraDry SDD EDS detector (2009) and an MAXray six crystal parallel beam WDS system. This EVO system is installed on september 2006

    Includes:                         pdf specifications Specifications

    • XP operating system
    • Dual joystick stage contoller
    • 5 Axes motor stage
    • LaB6 Emittor
    • 4Q backscattered detector
    • SE detector
    • Specimen Current detector
    • IR Chamberscope
    • Dual Channel monitors
    • 3x 19” flat panel monitors
    • Thermo Dry EDS detector
    • Thermo Maxray detector WDS

1x   EVO 40 Scanning Electron Microscope with EDX and WDX spectrometers (Age 5 years)

Price on request (Excluded VAT, Transport and Installation)
3 months warrenty

This SEM can be demonstrated in our showroom. All Items are in excellent working condition (service contract till 2012)

Used Zeiss sem and Thermo spectrometers for Sale Used sem for Sale Thermo spectrometers Zeiss evo 40 thermo spectrometers Thermo maxray detector for sale
Used SEM with EDS and WDS Zeiss EVO40 Thermo EDX and WDX spectrometers Thermo Dry SDD detector for Sale Zeiss EVO40 for Sale
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